What Do We Want? Climate Justice!

Youth across the planet called on all adults to join them in striking for radical action to address climate change on September 20th. More than a dozen environmental organizations across Oregon needed to generate awareness of the strike and the issues that surrounded it, as well as to have a hub for people to discover and join the many actions happening throughout the following week. The PDX chapter of the environmental organization 350 tasked me with designing and developing the website to serve as this hub and call to action.


To ensure a clear and logical site structure i took time to design an effective sitemap first. I also wanted to bring the information that was essential for people to know to the home page, front and center, and provide a calendar of events for quick reference across every page.


Because there is already a website for the global climate strike I wanted to create a similar design language to provide a clear cue of connection, while also providing a new design for Oregon that features warm colors, sharp lines and bold typography to inspire visitors to action.

After the design was finished, I then moved to development, where I have spent time developing a component library and design system for all my client projects using gatsbyjs themes and theme-ui just before starting this project. Beyond serving as an informational website and CMS for events, I needed to provide a way for visitors of the site to give comments about volunteering with the strike and to submit events for me to add to the growing list found on the calendar and map.


Work on the climate strike was started only 6 weeks before the strike actually happened, and was youth led and almost exclusively volunteer run. As a result of the website and volunteer run direct advertising, more than 15,000 people showed up to support and march in the Portland Climate Strike alone, making it the 4th largest climate strike in the entire US. Thousands more appeared at the 64 registered actions on the website. This event and the thousands others that happened across the globe was historic.

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