My Carefully Considered Design Process.

A website is a work of art, but also a feat of careful design. I use a specific process to ensure that quality is met with no exceptions, and that it can be met in the most efficient and effective way possible.

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How I Make Websites

This is My Process

Understand Your Business.

I make it a requirement to intimately understand your business and its goals before I do anything else.

Understand Your Users.

After we have defined your target market I will research to understand the people within it, their likes and dislikes, their goals when coming to your website, and how to help achieve them.

Plan the Site Architecture.

Once I have a clear understanding of both your business and its customers, I can then carefully craft the optimal site architecture that is as intuitive as possible and encourages efficient site navigation.

Gather Inspiration.

After a site structure is constructed, I collect the content for the website from either you, your marketing team, or a professional copywriter or photographer, and then I gather inspiration directly focused on the information I have gathered from my research.


Create the Wireframe.

With the content and inspiration in hand, I start creating a blueprint for every page of your website on both desktop and mobile.

Add the Design.

I then add the spark that makes your website unique, colors that evoke the correct emotions, typography that is readable and beautiful, images, videos, illustrations, and icons that tells the intended stories, all on a layout that encourages ease of use and enjoyable experience.

Develop the Site.

The next task is to convert the stunning design that we have created into a functioning website. I make sure to use tried and true practices that emphasize accessibility, usability and speed.

Create the Progressive Web App.

If you are interested in taking the website to the next level, I then transform the site into a Progressive Web App, with offline support, notifications, and a native mobile user interface on phones and tablets.

Optimize & Maintain.

After we finish the project, I can send you the source code, or, if interested, I can upload the site to the web for you and keep it updated and optimized, using latest technologies, best practices, and avoiding bugs.

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