Recent Projects

Find a curated selection of real-world projects I've completed for nonprofits and companies as well as some examples I created to demonstrate my design & development skills.

BeeLeaf Marketing Website

Case Study: Fostering Buzz for Bee Conservation

I crafted an engaging, and influential marketing website for an imagined bee conservation nonprofit, the BeeLeaf Foundation, to showcase my web design and marketing skills and convey the urgency and importance of bee conservation.

Climate Strike Oregon Website

Case Study: Designing the Digital Hub for Climate Strike Oregon

I designed and developed the Climate Strike Oregon website to serve as the central information hub for the 2019 Climate Strike. The platform was designed to inform, inspire, and mobilize individuals across Oregon in response to the global call to action by youth activists, including Greta Thunberg.

Ocean's Voice Marketing Website

Case Study: Empowering Ocean Conservation Efforts

I crafted an immersive and impactful marketing website for a fictional ocean conservation nonprofit as a portfolio piece to showcase my web design and marketing skills to foster a deep emotional connection between visitors and the plight of our oceans.

Vernier Science Education Graphical Analysis App

Case Study: Encouraging User-Friendly and Accessible Science Education

I designed and developed dozens of user-friendly and accessible features for Vernier Science Education's data collections/visualization apps, including Video Analysis, Graphical Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, and Spectral Analysis.

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